Bob Gallagher, and the almighty vinyl record

Early Spokane bands, dances at the Memorial Coliseum, The Wailers’ sound system, country rock, Slab dances, Jimi sings the blues, and what really happened at the 1967 Jefferson Airplane concert —

Interviewed Bob Gallagher last evening in his record store, 4000 Holes, on Monroe St. We talked about his interest in music from the time he was in grade school, his first guitar and the inspiration that drove him into wanting to be a guitar player in a rock ‘n’ roll band. He told me stories about collecting thousands of vinyl records that became his passion and his business, booking bands for Expo 74, and the differences between bands that covered top 40 songs, bands that played more obscure songs, Wilson McKinley’s country and western influence, and writing songs in Spokane. It was a great interview lasting nearly two hours. Lots of work for me ahead transcribing the recording.


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One response to “Bob Gallagher, and the almighty vinyl record

  • kevin rippley

    remember those times well. great research bob, you’ve done your homework.enjoy your writing. mike messer(guitar for wilson mckinley) is my brother in-law. i’m married to his sister connie. mike &joann and connie & and i live down here in arizona,lake havasu city and tonopah respectively. mike still plays and records in his studio.he is on facebook ,he probably would’nt mind you picking his brain. i’ll tell him i dropped you a line. he probably has a good perspective on that time.i remember you at north central up at the chieftan & such,tiffanys etc. although im a few years older.also my girlfriend at the time(ruthie standaart) took me to that jeff beck group,john mayall concert for my birthday when beck cancelled. anyway good memories. drop mike a line. kevin

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