More on John Currier, John Mayall at Kennedy in 1970 and Rain at Last Chance Rock Festival

John Currier at High Bridge Park with Barbara Owen, John Mayall in concert and Spokane band Rain at the Last Chance Rock Festival in the mountains south of Post Falls Idaho —

Met with Doug Roberts and his wife at the Ferris Archive Friday afternoon to see if they can help identify people in the Russ Nobbs’ photograph collection.

We did find photos of John Currier playing his Wurlitzer electric piano accompanying Barbara Owen, who was singing an Italian operetta for the folks at High Bridge Park on August 13, 1969. Doug told me that Currier, as in the photos we looked at, always wore a black turtleneck sweater. Doug said his friend Currier “had a closet full of black turtlenecks.”

Looking through other contact sheets of photos we found images Nobbs’ took of John Mayall in concert at Kennedy Pavilion, October 1970.

Also Rain with Sid Fisher, Vaughn Mckelvey, Jerry DesVoignes, Vic Coy and Aaron Bochee performing at the Last Chance Rock Festival in September 1970.

Phil Ochs along with Quatrain, and comedian Murray Romain at the EWSC Fieldhouse, May 1969.

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3 responses to “More on John Currier, John Mayall at Kennedy in 1970 and Rain at Last Chance Rock Festival

  • william Curtis

    Do you know what day in May Phil appeared at EWSC?

    • Robert Schoenberg

      Phil Ochs appeared at the Field House May 23, 1969. The event was billed as a dance, the “Anti-Military Ball.” Dance music provided by Quatrain and Summerhill, and doing the MC duties was a Californian comedian, Murray Romain, who also appeared at a Three Dog Night performance in Spokane that year.

      Robert Schoenberg

  • william Curtis

    Thanks! I have been searching for this date for many years. A fellow I taught with attended that concert but couldn’t remember the date. His father, a professor at EWSC, helped to arrange the concert. I tracked the date to 1969, but it is not listed on the concert dates of Phil’s Bio-Bibliography so I didn’t know the day or month. BTW I was told that the attendance was so small for that concert that Phil returned his honorarium to the sponsors and then flew back to NYC.

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