Gonzaga University COG is No More: was a great Rockn’roll venue

Photo image taken along Still Creek near Mt. Hood, Oregon, 2010.

Photo image taken along Still Creek near Mt. Hood, Oregon, 2010.

The COG, Gonzaga University’s building for student meals on campus, was also a venue for dances. Many of Spokane’s local musicians played there. The COG is no more as the University is making way for something new, and tore the building down over the past few weeks. Visiting the campus on Friday all that can be seen now is a hole in the ground where the building once stood.

Following is a list of bands and the dates they played the COG as they were advertised in the Spokane Natural. There were many, many more bands that played the venue. Most of the advertising as to who was going to play the COG was by word of mouth and the occasional flyer taped to record store windows.

. . . Date . . . .  . .      Band . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
February 28 The Loop
March 15 The Experimental Spring Rock Ensemble Admission is 97 cents, 90
cents if in costume or roller
skates, 83 cents if both
March 16 BJ Thomas & The Sonics
March 21 The Shakers
March 28 Jug Band
April 18 Springfield Rifle
Sept. 27 Shirley Lorraine
Nov. 7 Zombies
January 10 Universal Joint
March 28 Siddhartha
April 3 Tender Green
Oct. 2 Universal Joint
Nov. 1 Gene Redding & Funk

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