Obscure Local Band: Red Heart

Introducing Red Heart

Introducing Red Heart

Here is an album from a Coeur d’Alene band. 1970s, though I can’t tell much from the album notes. We parsed the information out from the musician biographies on the back cover. I don’t recognize any of the musicians. The musicians are guitarist/vocals Steve Pierre from the Kalispel Reservation up by Usk, and who it is said on the album notes does a good Elvis impression. The songs he sang on, like Hank William’s Kaw liga, and a Wylon Jennings penned tune, Only Daddy That’l Walk That Line, were pure rockabilly. He did have a voice like Elvis. The other guitarists is Jim Sherman, sporting a hippie hair cut, glasses and an Amish beard. A Coeur d’Alene kid. His bio said he plays a number of instruments, learning guitar starting when he was eight. On drums is Pete Boardway from Tacoma. Armando Valasquez plays bass and who it looks like was 10 or so years older than the rest of the crew. He came to Red Heart by way of Reno, Nevada where he played clubs in a band called the Motif.

I think the album was recorded and pressed by the band. None of the songs listed had license agreements, all covers with no writers/publishers information. No record label name, no date, no nothing. However, the sonic value of the recording work is high, so whoever produced/engineered it did a good job. The album cover is nicely done too, a lot better, maybe, then that Wilson McKinley pizza-box cover, Live From Pender Auditorium in 1970, though because of the cheesy cover, and the early Christian rock songs they wrote, it is rare and sought after by collectors.

A friend of mine, record collector Jack Kendell, picked up two vinyl LP copies of Red Heart Saturday at a yard sale on the northeast side of town. Both LPs are in pristine condition, very little playing it looks like, yet the music is outstanding rockabilly and blues/rock with a Memphis twang. I say 1974, and Jack claims 1970 for its release date. I did find out they played a regular Wednesday through Saturday gig at the Flame on Sprague in the summer of 1979 billing themselves as Steve Pierre and Red Heart, and a gig at the Stockyards Inn earlier the same year.



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One response to “Obscure Local Band: Red Heart

  • Jessi Maurer

    Steve Red Heart Pierre is my Dad. I would love to find a copy of this album to give to him. He can no longer play music and still lives in Spokane. Please contact me if you see this post. Jessi 509-431-7329 It is a Moses Lake number so is quite possiblily a long distance call for you.

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