High Bridge Park is in Spokane, Washington. Starting in 1967 musicians and bands put on free concerts in the park. There were some conflicts during these first years, but by 1972 these had been ironed out. High Bridge Park to some after so many years is an attitude, a concept, or a sacred place in the mind. – RS


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  • Thom Head

    Did you happen to review the Rites of Spring Rock Festival held at a private sight just off of east Assembly in 1969?

    • Robert Schoenberg

      I have a bunch of information on it from Russ Nobbs. There is also a great story about Buzz Vineyard’s and John Werr’s stolen guitars before performing at the festival. I talked to Buzz about that last November. Check out Buzz on Facebook and YouTube as well. I will do a story on the festival next because of your interest. Thanks for commenting.

  • cgowdey

    I grew up in Spokane. Saw the Airplane, the Byrds, Hendrix, 3 Dog Night, Buddy Miles, Gordon Lightfoot, Elvin Bishop out at State Line Gardens… and others I don’t remember. Also hung out at the High Bridge Park concerts which were always fun…. Music was so amazing in those times!

    Enjoyed the Natural with all its irreverence and facts on the ground which were so different from the Chronicle/Review. It’s great to learn about people that were behind so much of the scene. It was an amazing time that I’m thankful to have been part of to this day!

    we owe them!

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